Sunday, October 22, 2006

Interviews, Pistols and Browncoats - OH MY!!!

This could be the beginning of our shownotes - scary!

Toni made her debut in Northamptonshire this weekend to join us in recording the main November show and for our bonus show, also being released in November.

In the main show, we talk to Kevin Beaumont - the man behind and who took over the former Universal "SERENITY" movie website to create in order to allow the international community of Browncoats a continuing forum. Kevin - hope it's not too long before we can sink a few bevvies again!

We also talk about the "The Official Firefly Companion" and speak to one of the contributors, Karl Derrick about his involvement.

We are pimping the Memorabilia show at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham 25 - 26 November as Karl will be displaying his entire "Firefly" collection for the first time. We will also be at the show, so please wear something "Firefly"/"SERENITY" related and chances are that either Toni or myself will stop you and ask you for a bumper!

We talk about the October Leeds shindig at the Firefly Bar. Toni tells me that there is a shindig in early November and all details are in the social events folder on

Our bonus show is very special. We have a more in-depth interview with Karl discussing his career ( if you're interested) and the collection. Both Toni and I want to thank Karl for meeting with us and allowing us to get very much up close and personal with Zoe's gun, Jayne's pistol, Vera and Mal's browncoat. We enjoyed speaking with Karl and hope to be able to speak with him again when the second "Companion" book is published. Actually, Karl, if you're reading this - there's always an open mic for you if you ever wish to join a recording and we look forward to seeing you again in Birmingham.

Karl has also provided the prize for our very first competition. He has been kind enough to give us a signed copy of "The Official Firefly Companion" volume 1. To give you all a chance of winning this, we thought long and hard and with the assistance of a fair amount of alcohol, agreed on this: in honour of the Flanvention in December, we are looking for flan recipes. We will decide on our favourite 3, cook them and have a grand tasting in January to find our winner. The competition closes on 31 December.

We mention that Andrew is holidaying in Australia and is looking forward to meeting Australian Browncoats. Wendy is attending the Flanvention in Los Angeles in early December. And Toni and Mike are thinking. Both Andrew and Wendy are hoping to be recording lots of items for future shows. We're not sure what Toni and Mike are doing, but are sure that they will tell us sooner or later ...

Although we didn’t mention this in either of the shows (sorry!), all of us want to thank the listener who kindly added us to THANKS!


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