Monday, October 16, 2006

News on Upcoming Shows!

Hi, just to give you an update on what we are planning over the next few shows!

The November show will feature some discussions from the Leeds Shindig that we attended, plus a suprise - I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it yet, but Wendy and Toni have an interview planned in for next week that should be rather interesting!

I am in Australia in November, so I am hoping to go to a Shindig in Sydney and meet up with some Browncoats over there, and give us an Aussie perpective on the Firefly phenomenon for the December Show. Wendy will be in the USA at the time, so she will be Skyping in to tell us what she is up to! So our Decemer show will have a truly international feel.

As well as all of that, next year the gang are attending the Serenity 4 convention in Glasgow, and we are hoping to do some more live(ish) shows from there. Also, in September we are hoping to attend DragonCon in the USA. And between now and then we have topic based shows, interviews, a couple more Shindigs and even a Firefly based quiz. (Think "Have I got Firefly For You!")

So keep listening, and please keep sending us the feedback. The next show will be available in early November - exact date has yet to be confirmed - so watch this space!

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