Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"SERENITY" version 2.0, "Drive" & Summer Glau in "The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

Hot news in the past weeks:

Summer Glau is set to star in Fox's "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" TV series. This hotly anticipated show is based on the "TERMINATOR" films and will tell the story of Sarah Connor (Lena Headey) and her son, John (Thomas Dekker - a name recognisable to all you "Heroes" fans).

Tim Minear's new series, "Drive" starring Nathan Fillion, is airing on Fox in the US on 15 April. According to the "Drive" site on Fox.com, it is kicking off with a 3-hour premiere over 15-16 April. Nathan as Top Gear's "star in a reasonably priced car", anyone?

Universal is in the process of re-releasing "SERENITY" on DVD with some more extras in the summer. In a recent post to Whedonesque, Joss spoke briefly about the plans for this which you can view here http://whedonesque.com/comments/12606#164745.

Don't forget SaW will be at the Serenity 4 convention in Glasgow. Besides trying to speak to as many of you as possible, we are also having our quiz on Saturday night in the Chill Out Room, so if you are attending the con, please join us.



NickE said...

Heroes bloody excellent BTW, Ta.
Won't be able to make S4 though :-(
but looking forward to reports from you guys. Got mentions for the London screening (and SAW) into the Signal Ep 4. Will plug screening again once details finalised. Any chance of eps 13 and 14 of SAW coming before S4?(which I guess is taking up a lot of time)
Keep flyin'


Andrew said...

Sorry Nick, we forgot to put a link to show 13! We have added this to the notes on the blog for show 14, so you can get them both! Apologies!

NickE said...

Cool! Cheers Dude. Should be on broadband at some point soon so I can use the feed, but will probably still DL individual 'casts from time to time. Look fwd to listening to both shows.