Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March Show!!


Show 14 - the March Show.

We've got an exclusive interview with Devin Pike, the co-ordinator of the worldwide Serenity Now Equality Now Screenings. Plus we have 2 guests in studio, and we talk about upcoming events.

For more details on the Serenity Now Equality Now Screenings, including contact information please go to

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(We also forgot to put a link to show 13 on the blog, whoops, we keep forgetting that some people listen that way. Thanks to Nick for pointing this out, to get show 13 click here.)

Hope to see lots of people at the Serenity 4 Convention, come join us for some fun at the Sending A Wave Quiz.


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NickE said...


One thing (don't you just hate me :-)
The show 13 mp3 cuts off at about 20 mins, barely into the Q&A recorded at the Backup Bash, no credits, so assume that's a unintended cut/partial upload.

Plus. Why the hell do I have a bit of a northern accent when I comment on my voicemail?? Weird. I do sometimes pick up accents unintentionally. Wonder where I could have heard one of those recently :-) Seriously not intentional, it just happens. You should hear me when I come back from visiting my cousin down in Bristol!
Sounds as much fun as it was to record anyway. Looking fwd to S4 reports.