Friday, December 29, 2006

Show 11 - December Bonus Show

Hi everyone (again),

sorry for the massive amount of output this month, it's just we've got all this stuff Wendy recorded from Flan and it seems a shame to keep it all for ourselves.

First up on this show we've got a short Q and A with Shawna Trpcic, the costume designer on FireFly. Followed by a recording of Sunday Morning communion with the Reverend Johnny Wallet (otherwise known as Jonathan Woodward), this is slightly different to his normal communion, he doesn't hand out alcohol but does light candles on shrines for all the BDH's who turned up in Burbank.

Special thanks go out to Dean of the California Browncoats for allowing us direct feed access, to give us some quality recordings, Kudos.

As usual you can subscribe through iTunes using the links on the right, or download directly by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy the show,

and have a Happy New Year!


sailmaker said...

That Jonathan Woodward session was hysterical! After that, I'm definitely going to S4...

Many thanks and a prosperous 2007 to you,
Richard (aka sailmaker).

Wolf said...

Yus, very much enjoyed this. Although I'm not as huge a fan of the bedlam bards as everyone else seems to be ...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jonathan Woodward requested that footage of the Church not be posted online. Could y'all remove it? Thanks!