Saturday, December 23, 2006

Now Available: Show 10 - Flangate Fallout

Our extra December show is now available, in which we dissect various statements from Booster Events following the last minute cancellation on the Flanvention in LA.

It is available as a podcast though the normal feed (listed to the right) and also can be downloaded by clicking here.

That's the last main show for the year, however we will be putting out a "highlights of the Backup Bash event" show between Christmas and New Year, with the next regular show in January.

Thats all folks!


Samantha said...

Great show! Thanks for continuing to tell our story. -Samantha (VaderDawsn)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having the balls to tell it like it is! The other podcasts have said nothing about Flangate, IMO the biggest news item of the year, which is puzzling.

Richard (aka sailmaker).

Anonymous said...

Just a thankyou for everyone who's left us feedback.

We felt it was important to cover Flangate, not just because one of us was there, but because it impacts on the whole Browncoat community in some way.

We'll never shy away from something we feel needs saying.