Saturday, September 16, 2006

Serenity 3

Hi Everyone

As you have read from the other blogs, Toni and I are at Serenity 3 over the weekend. Unfortunately (as they tend to) things haven't exactly gone to the all-so-glorious plan that we had worked out beforehand. The main culprit has been alcohol - I was up until 2am after consuming a fair amount of beer and champagne (and almost managing to get chucked out of the con's "meet and greet"). Toni has been more sedate, crashing out just before midnight (how she's going to cope at DragonCon 2007 is a complete mystery to me!), but I think she could have drank more than me - she certainly was drunk before I was! We are taping fan reactions and some fan interviews, but we are respecting Starfury policy of not recording any of the guest talks.

We have had three guest surprises during the convention: Michael Fairman - yes, Niska himself, Nector Rose - Lenore in "SERENITY" and Christina Hendricks - Saffron, thankfully we didn't scare her off as Serenity 2 was her first convention. All the guests have given entertaining talks on the first full day of the con and we expect the second day (Sunday) to be no different.

Unfortunately, Morena is having to leave this evening due to work requirements and everyone is agreed that it was great that she still agreed to join us.

At this stage we are still planning on "something" live-ish during the con - stay tuned!


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