Saturday, September 16, 2006

Podcast Update for Serenity 3!

Wendy and Toni are at Serenity 3 right now and we were due to have our first live show covering events on Friday, however no one is being allowed to record the panel discussions and as a result we have less material than we were hoping to get.

Because of this, we feel that putting out half a show would be a lacklustre way of covering the event so we will wait until Show Two (scheduled for Sunday 17th) to bring you news from the Con.

It All Looks So Shiny! (well it will eventually)
On a seperate matter, you will probably notice that we have started to make some changes to the look of the site and jazz it up a bit, although it would appear that our blog hosts are having some issues with thier templates at the moment so if things don't look quite right, please bear with us.

And don't forget to subscribe to our podfeed for Sunday's show:

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