Friday, April 25, 2008

It's hard to believe it's made of paper! Could Nathan Fillion have a new job?

Isn't the photo I'm using amazing? It's made of paper - Jorge, you're a talented guy and I tip my hat to you, sir! Please go visit his website ( for more of his astounding models!

As it so often happens, The Hollywood Reporter has kindly furnished me with further interesting news from the on-going US TV pilot season over night. Nathan Fillion is in negotiations to take the lead in a new pilot from ABC entitled "Castle". THR reports that this is "a comedic procedural about a famous mystery novelist helping the NYPD solve crimes." Listeners to our interview with Nathan heard him speak very briefly about something he has written which has been accepted by ABC for pilot, but there was no mention in the THR report of this being that project.

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Justin M. Sellers: said...

Oh my gosh! Shiny, now that's talent! I am in the presence of greatness.