Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Show 32: PJ Haarsma interview

Show 32 is ready to download.

As we mentioned in February, this month Wendy talks to PJ Haarsma, author of the Rings of Orbis novel series, co-founder of Kids Need To Read and keeper of an alien artifact. Our thanks go to PJ for not only kindly giving up his time to meet with us, but also to brave the Los Angeles early afternoon traffic!

The trip to LA was a lot of fun - we also met up and had lunch with Greg Edmonson and his wife - the idea was that we were taking them to dinner to say thanks for the interview he did with us last year. However Greg ended up paying for us, so next time they are in London we have promised to take them out for a meal!

We also visited the Universal Studios tour, and saw the actual Mule from Serenity! We went past it so fast that I almost didn't get a photo, but what I did get is the picture at the top.

To download show 32 direct, click here.

I would like to try to encourage a bit of life into our Facebook page, so to that end I will be setting up a feedback topic for each show. To leave us some feedback for show 32, click here.

Show 33 will be available from the 9th April.

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Jammy the Mighty said...

I like it...but then again...i am suitable for bias since me and my crazy friend did one of your shows!
yerp its me Ben, me Bill and Father were wondering of you would be up for us to help with an upcoming episode? i would do this via e-mail but im technologicaly inept so...yeah...