Thursday, March 27, 2008

My usual fact-checking (or to be more specific, lack thereof) struck again as UK Browncoats couldn't have failed to miss that the fourth series of "Desperate Housewives" started in the UK last night (26th March) and not the 28th as I posted.

A lovely new Qmx Insider popped into my email during the night and they have 2 great new items to share with us. Firstly,"Worlds of the Alliance" is artwork created by Geoffrey Mandel for "SERENITY" but was never used in the film (but I think it might have appeared in the "Serenity Companion" book) and is a lithograph selling for $39.95; this is reserved to 1,000 prints and will be hand-signed by Mr Mandel. If you are a Qmx Insider subscriber, you will have first shot at reserving this extremely detailed artwork.

Today is a BDH birthday (very many happy returns, Nathan) and so I decided to have a picture of a soft toy headlining this post. There is a method to the madness (that's my excuse anyway) and this is the second goody being offered by Qmx. This is the first in a proposed line of "Serenity Spirit Animals" and naturally they are starting off with the Captain himself, Mal Reynolds who is being represented as a fox. What is making this so very special is that this is just 1 of only 11 "artist's proofs" for $69.95.

For more details on both of this Qmx items, please visit their website for full details

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