Thursday, February 21, 2008

Show 31: Live from Miranda!

Show 31 is now available to download. As Wendy and I mentioned at the end of last months show, this is our first podcast bought to you entirely from outside the UK. Wendy and I are staying in LA until the end of this week, and on Sunday we were lucky enough to join the SoCal Browncoats on a visit to the Diamond Ranch High School, where the exterior Miranda scenes from Serenity were filmed. As you can see from the picture above, we even managed to recreate one of the scenes!

We also talk to James and Lynn, who run the meetings for the SoCal group. We are also joined in our studio (well, hotel room!) by Colleen Harkins who is also involved with the SoCal Browncoats and Kids Need to Read.

You can download the show manually by clicking here.

Next month we (hopefully) will bring you an interview with author PJ Haarsma, so until then enjoy the show and don't forget we have a Facebook group now in which you can leave us thoughts, comments and feedback!

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