Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Qmx's "Mal's Pistol" now available to the UK

All avid watchers of Qmx will be pleased to learn that they've overcome an impossible and are now free to ship this item to the UK!

In early October, the UK Government tightened the existing law regarding the importing of replica firearms rendering it impossible for "Mal's Pistol - Stunt Replica" to be shipped to the UK and unfortunately for us, Qmx's release date was some nearly 3 weeks after the law was amended.

However, Qmx has been working hard to get a shipping licence and all that effort has now paid off.

The replica costs $150 (give or take a few cents) and they have a special offer with regard to shipping until 31 December. So what are you waiting for? Head over to their website, check this out as well as their other "SERENITY" goodies and treat yourself for 2008 - you know you deserve it.


Phil Stapleton said...

Ordered mine Sunday, can't wait

Wendy Scott said...

Hi Phil

When it arrives, we'd love to hear your comments on it.


Anonymous said...

Will do then I get 10 minutes to myself.