Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mutant Enemy Strike Day

On 7 December, Mutant Enemy's planned strike picket took place at the Fox Studios joined by 400 fans.

Members of the "Firefly" cast joined former cast members of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" as well as writers of all three productions, in a show of solidarity for the ongoing WGA strike now entering it's second month.

We thank the forum of for posting a list of cast members and writers who took part:

Joss Whedon, Amy Acker, Morena Baccarin, Jeffrey Bell, Nicholas Brendon, Felicia Day, Steve DeKnight, Eliza Dushku,
Ben Edlund, Jane Espenson, Sarah Fain, Michael Fairman, Raphael Feldman, Yan Feldman, Nathan Fillion, David Fury,
Drew Goddard, Ron Glass, Summer Glau, Harry Groener, James Gunn, Erich Hoeber, Samantha Humphery, Juliet Landeau,
Robert Lee, Tom Lenk, William Mapother, Brett Matthews, Tim Minear, Marti Noxon, Rick Parks, Doug PetrieLoni Peristere,
J. August Richards, Douglas Romayne, Mere Smith, Keith Szarabajka, Camden Toy, Alan Tudyk, Brian K. Vaughn

Fans4Writers now have a cafepress shop selling mugs, badges, tees and other items for you to show your support for the writers. Visit their main site:

Marti Noxon is on the organising committee for "Write Aid", a fundraising benefit for employees affected by the WGA action. It's taking place in Los Angeles on 14 December, tickets are $75 and performers include Eddie Izzard and Tenacious D - go to for full details.

Writers are arguably the most important people in entertainment; this strike is about writers obtaining a share of profits from the new media - and without them, the people we all like to see in films and TV can't work. Support the WGA strike.

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NickE said...

Cool news. There are a LOAD of pics from this amazing show of support here:

Tabz managed to get there and hand early version copies of the BBtL Christmas episode (starring my Elanor!) to Joss, Nick Brendon, Jane Espenson and Amy Acker (who also met Liane who plays our Fred on BBtL :-), being Tabz that wasn't all she managed to do in addition to marching with everyone else, but that would be telling :-)
Looked like a great turnout.