Monday, August 27, 2007

Thanks to you all!

The team would just like to say a special thanks to everyone who took part in the recording of show 24 this weekend. In essence, we forced someone who had never watched Firefly to watch the pilot episode. Thanks to Nick, Bill, Ben, Elanor and Kevin, and especially Paul from Cadmium II (who was the Firefly virgin). The show is being edited and will be available from September 12th.


NickE said...

Good fun to record that!
BTW, El will kill me if I don't mention that her name is spelt Elanor (as in Sam Gamgee's daughter's name spelling. Irish originally I think spelt that way without the second e)

Andrew said...


I edited the CSTS Oxford and Dublin reports today - was it Elanor that sung Mal's song? We want to make sure we credit the right people for the various songs - I used the full Mals Song, the full Shindig Song and part of Big Damned Trilogy (up to the kazoos!)

If you want an advanced copy of the report (it's about half an hour long) let me know.

NickE said...

Yes, it was Elanor that sung Mals Song. Still catching up with emails after holiday (was nice)
Advance copy would be nice (lo res fine)