Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Show 23: Bill and Ben Take Over!

For your second August show we hand the reigns over to two of our listeners, Bill and Ben. Cue hilarious jokes about flower pots.

Bill and Ben take you through the CSTS Oxford screening, tell you about their favourite episodes, characters and also provide enough information to ensure at least one member of one of their families will be investigated by Social Services!

Thanks to Bill and Ben for their enthusiasm, you will no doubt hear from them again in the future.

To download the episode direct, click here.

Remember that episode 2 of Cadmium II is now available, click here to visit the site for that show.

We are recording the September Wave this weekend, if all goes to plan it will be a Cadmium II style review of the pilot episode of Firefly - including the reactions of someone who has never watched the show before that day. Will we have a live, on-air conversion or just someone disappointed that the show didn't live up to all of the hype? Tune in next month and find out!

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