Sunday, August 05, 2007

Recorded Today

Wendy, Andrew, Nick Edwards met up today and recorded the two shows for this month. In the first we will hear the interview with Brian Wieser from QMX as well some brief discussions about the Serenity and Firefly DVDs being in space.

The second show was an experiement where we gave total control of the show to Nick's son Ben and his friend Bill, who have an interesting view on fandom.

We also recorded a short mini-episode supporting the Firefly Talk "Summer of Serenity" campaign in support of thier nomination in the 2007 podcast awards to be held later this month at DragonCon.

Show 22 will be out in about a week, the Bill and Ben show (show 23) a couple of weeks after that. Enjoy.


Lord Jebus said...

i anticipate show 23 with a mixture of excitement and dread and wonder whether me and ben made total dicks of ourselves

Andrew said...

The show will be going out on August 22nd. Guess you get to wait until then to find out!

No, it is a fun show, I enjoyed editing it.