Friday, May 11, 2007

Show 17 now online!

Show 17 is now available to download. Nick Edwards from The Signal was with us again, and he presented a review of Songs from the Black, the superb album put together by The Signal podcast. Click here to go to their website and download the music.

We also have the first part of our interview with Firefly composer Greg Edmonson. Greg was fantastically enthusiastic and a wonderful guest to have on the show, as you will hear. The second half of the interview will kick off show 18, which will be out hopefully by next weekend.

You can download show 17 by clicking here.

Remember, you can send us feedback (details at the side) and there are two episodes of our comedy satire show, Futility Writ Big available, we would love some feedback on those we well.

See you next week,

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SupComTabz said...

Nick asked for the music vid for "A Man Named Jayne"