Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Sarah Connor Chronicles", "Chuck", "Drive" has one last tyre burn and Wendy's seen "Waitress"

Before we bid a total farewell to "Drive" (we hardly knew ye), Fox will air the final 2 episodes in early July. Scripts have been posted online on Tim Minear's website - www.timminear.net.

We hello to Summer Glau in "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" - the TV incarnation of the highly successful "TERMINATOR" franchise airing on Fox (gulp!) as part of their autumn schedule. Summer plays "Cameron" (I do wonder if the name was, ahem, intentional?) who is described as "an engimatic and otherworldly student at his [John Connor's] high school, who soon proves to be more than his confidente - she assumes the role of Sarah and John's fearless protector." Could the online rumours be correct and Summer's playing a Terminatrix?

Adam Baldwin returns to the small screen in NBC's "Chuck", the story of an everyday computer geek who becomes a government operative when a friend sends him an encoded email. Adam plays "John Casey" and the pilot has been directed by McG who brought the first "CHARLIE'S ANGELS" film to the big screen.

I was able to attend a screening of "WAITRESS" recently. It is a lovely, sweet picture and deserves to follow it's Stateside success here in the UK. It has had it's release widened in the US this past weekend and has made it into the US box office weekend top 10.

There is also still time to purchase tickets for the Equality Now Serenity Now charity screenings in Dublin, Oxford, Edinburgh and London - for full details go to www.cantstoptheserenity.com for more details.

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