Sunday, March 18, 2007

Show 15 Now Available: (Almost) Live from Glasgow!

Hi everybody,
Show 15 is now available to download from here. It was recorded on Saturday night at the Serenity 4 event in Glasgow, and was actually available within 2 hours of it being recorded (although I forgot to update this site until today, sorry, so only iTunes subscribers would have got it quickly!!) We recorded a panel show, “Never Mind the Reavers” featuring four volunteer panellists, and some familiar voices. It was the first show we have ever recorded in front of an audience, and we are really pleased with the results, we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it! We would love your feedback on it, please send it to the usual address!
We would like to thank everyone who took part in the show and the audience for turning up, and as you will hear it was a truly European event!
Show 16 is being recorded early April and will be available on or just after the Easter Weekend. There are in fact two shows next month, so show 17 will be available a couple of weeks after that. We will announce exact recording dates and times in a couple of weeks time, and as usual anyone is free to join us in studio!

That’s all for March, see you next month!

Andrew and the SaW Team!


Jack said...

Aw...I was interviewed on Saturday night for your podcast and was really excited about being on radio. But I'm not on there! I didn't manage to get to the quiz show, but I thought that there would be more to your Wave than just that.
It was funny sure, but I'm still going to pout.

Andrew said...

Hi Jack,

This show was our live show that was recorded on Saturday night. Our con review show is being recorded over the Easter Weekend and will feature a lot of the material recorded at the con, including yourself!

Keep listening,

Toni, Wendy and Andrew