Saturday, February 03, 2007

Show 14 - Recorded

Hello all,

We'd just like to thank everyone who was here for the recording of show 14, it was great fun and nice to have some new voices in the studio.

The highlight of Show 14 is an interview with Devin, the guy who is co-ordinating the Serenity Now/Equality Now screenings around the globe, it was a great fun and Devin, you're welcome back anytime.

We hope everyone involved enjoyed recording the show as much as we did.

Show 14 will be out by the 17th February, and Show 13 will be out on Monday.




Paul said...

Humph. And I thought I was the highlight...


JustDevin said...

You probably are, Paul. They're just being nice because I razzed on Andrew for not having seen 'Serenity' in a theatre. And Toni... be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you know I love ya, quit fishing for compliments!

Devin, I only say things I mean you are welcome anytime, especially if you pick on Andrew some more, or Wendy, or Mike. But not me, I'm delicate and easily upset/offended.