Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Now available: Show 9 - Flangate!

Hello. As you may have read on previous blog entries, this was supposed to be a live (ish) report about Booster Events latest convention, Flanvention 2 in LA. Wendy was there to cover it, and so was on hand when the event was cancelled at the very last minute as fans were arriving at the hotel!

Show #09 contains some reactions to what happened recorded in LA as well as our thoughts on events over there. There is also a discussion we recorded in Leeds in October on the future for Firefly.

It is our longest show (sorry!) and our final one for 2006, we will see you in 2007!

You can download Show 09 by clicking here.

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The SaW gang!


Anonymous said...

Hey all,
When I click on the show link it gives me a FORBIDDEN message. Looking forward to listening, catch ya later!
Truly, Sean

Andrew said...


Sorry about that, my mistake, now corrected. Thanks for this and other comments on the same issue from everyone!


Wolf said...

Great show, have listened to a little over half so far. Nice being able to just point my PSP at the RSS link and have it grab it automatically.

Glad you guys are stepping into the breach for us. Kudos :)

SupComTabz said...

I loved the show - one of my favorite so far. I loved hearing fans and Wendy being nosy... you guys are great. Thanks for all the hard work and stepping in to the breach. Major kudos.