Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another Correction!

Hi guys, we have a website correction for you! Thanks to Adreinne Muller fro Belgium for pointing this out to us. A couple of listings ago we incorrectly said that Kevin Beaumont (who we spoke to in show 7) had a website called, well actually it was We have corrected this now in the original listing, but thanks for pointing that out!

As I write this it is the 12th (I am still in Australia) and we are hoping to get at least one very unique item for the December show, perhaps two, and of course our November bonus show, the in depth interview with Karl Derrick will be released on the 15th - hopefully overnight, which should be easy as that is the middle of the day over here in Oz!

Anyhow, thanks to all of you for the feedback we are getting, we are thrilled with the responses and the positivity with which you are all responding to the show. We also had some feedback from Patricia Singleton suggesting posting a phone number if we wanted voicemail! Our original plan was to get mp3 voicemails but I appreciate that some people would prefer to be able to call a phone, so as soon as I get back to the UK at the end of this month I will set up a line for you to use.

Anyhow, enjoy the show on the 15th, hope to hear from you soon!

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