Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Serenity 3 (Part 2) Now Available

Yes, the second and final part of our convention coverage is now available to download. Either subscribe to the feed or click here to download the episode manually.

Wendy and Toni would just like to say a great thanks to all of the people who took part in these shows, it would not have been possible without you.

The next Sending a Wave will be available at some point in early October, we will post more details as soon as we have decided on them. Hope you have enjoyed the shows, please feel free to email comments or voicemails using the email address to the right, we would all love to hear what you thought about the show.

See you in October!


Toni Myers said...

I actually use the phrase "Oh my goodness" what is that all about?

Hope everyone likes the shows and leaves us some feedback.

sailmaker said...

Hi guys, great convention report, and a huge improvement in sound quality!

Budd said...

heard you on the signal.